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Delta Worlds

Life between Land and Water

by Franz Krause, Nora Horisberger, Benoit Ivars and Sandro Simon


„Nature keeps remaking the delta,“ people living at the mouths of great rivers say.

Four anthropologists describe life in river deltas in Myanmar, Canada, Brazil and Senegal. Through numerous portraits, short texts and photo stories, they provide insights into everyday life in these volatile landscapes. Deltas can be seen as "hotspots" of global change and as “barometers” for coming upheavals worldwide. Based on their ethnographic research, the authors tell us how colonial shadows, constantly shifting terrain and flexible traditions are reflected in people’s everyday lives. The book provides insight into the different – but often very similar – ways of living together in river deltas.

With 198 illustrations and maps


Ayeyarwady-Delta, Myanmar 

Mackenzie-Delta, Kanada / Canada

Parnaíba-Delta, Brasilien /Brazil

Sine-Saloum-Delta, Senegal


You can order the book here if you prefer not to visit a bookstore due to the pandemic.

The coffee-table book is bilingual in German and English.

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