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Public outreach

  • Simon, Sandro. Deux Horizons. Videoinstallation. I Never Read, Art Basel. 15. June 2019.
  • Krause, Franz. Wasser kommt, Wasser geht. Article by Frieda Berg in university magazine of Cologne(13), p.24-27. February 2018. 
  • Video installations of DELTA's current ethnographic research projects about the life of inhabitants in different river Deltas. Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum: Theme day Wasserwelten. 25. February 2018.
  • Krause, Franz. How can we (not) compare with cultural relativism? Contribution to blog Kulturrelativismus und Aufklärung: eine Debatte über den Umgang mit Fremdem. 30. May, 2017.
  • Krause, Franz. Chair in panel discusion Trump's hot air: Global Climate Change in the new era. GSSC Focus Global South Series. Cologne, 11. May 2017.